Why Telehealth?

Telehealth is one of the fastest growing technologies in healthcare today. Distance is no longer a barrier and new devices and platforms are being created everyday to reach the masses. According to IMS research, the use of telehealth doubled in 2013 and the market is expected to be over 27 billion in 2016.

A Patient-Centric Solution

Our Virtual Clinics engage and enables the delivery of exceptional patient care. We do this by providing patients with:
  • Video-based education instructions
  • Secure multimedia communication
  • Live video visit options
  • Outcomes collection
  • Real-time behavior and performance tracking

When should you use telehealth?

  • As a higher quality, lower cost alternative to walk-in clinics
  • If you cannot afford time to take off of work
  • if you have a question about an health related issue
  • When you’re on vacation or traveling away from home
  • If you have young children and are unable to make an in person visit
  • When you need an immediate response
  • When it’s after normal business hours