A Refreshingly Simple Experience

No waiting and no hassle.

  • From home, work or even traveling, our virtual clinics are always available from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • A virtual visit begins with a simple question, “What pains am I dealing with?”
  • You don’t need video and there’s no waiting for a doctor or nurse to get started.
  • Registration and payment are the last steps, after we determine if we can help.

Secure from the start

Our virtual clinics protect your security and health information

We make paying easy

Just provide us your insurance company and a credit card
We will process the request and provide your insurance company the necessary documents.
You insurance company responds, usually within 30 days.
We will charge the credit card the remainder and send a receipt.
Provide your credit card information
We will charge your credit card and send a receipt
You only pay if you want to enroll into a treatment program